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Y4 Ranch Lowlines

  Raising Quality American Aberdeen Cattle

2018 American Aberdeen Full-blood Heifer Calves

Y4 Sapphire Dawn SOLD

DOB: 2-16-18

Full-blood-Registration FF36620

Sire: Y4 Pacific Express

Dam: JE U-Dawn

Y4 Betty Boop

DOB: 2-20-18

Full-blood-Registration FF36618

Sire: Jackaroo Ladd

Dam: Y4 Breccia

Y4 Florence

Dob: 2-22-18

Full-blood-Registration FF36621

Sire: Jacksam

Dam: Sharidon's Larissa

Y4 Matilda Sold

Dob: 2-27-18

Full-blood-Registration FF36619

Sire: Y4 Pacific Express

Dam: MRG Jinx

Y4 Marie LaVeaux

Dob: 3-3-18

Full-blood- Registration FF36617

Sire: Y4 Pacific Express

Dam: 2L Janny

Y4 Blackbird

Dob: 3-6-18

Full-blood Registration FF36622

Sire: Jackaroo Ladd

Dam: EZ Mandy

Y4 Little Bit Deceased

Dob: 3-13-18


Sire: Hollywood Gus

Dam: Oregon Ann

Hollywood Barbie

Dob: 3-20-18

Full-blood Registration FF37442

Sire: Hollywood Gus

Dam: Bonanza's Trixie

Y4 Br'er Rabbit

Dob: 4-13-18

Full-blood Registration Pending

Sire: Hollywood Gus

Dam: Y4 Pacific Rose

Y4 Hollywood Tara

Dob: 4-24-18

Full-blood Registration FF37441

Sire: Hollywood Gus

Dam: SD Jasmine

Y4 Bonnie Parker

Dob: 5-30-18

Full-blood Registration Pending

Sire: PP Hobo BC

Dam: UF Miss Capone

2018 Moderator Heifer Calves

Y4 Tutu Too SOLD

DOB: 2-7-18

Purebred Registration-PF36010

Sire: Lazy G Cowan

Dam: Y4 Lady Conifer

Y4 Zsa Zsa Gabor

DOB: 2-18-18

3/4 Blood-Registration MF36176

Sire: Jacksam

Dam: Kaique

Y4 Western Marmalade SOLD

Dob: 3-4-18

Purebred-Registration PF36283

Sire: All Jammed Up

Dam: Western Opal

Y4 Cate Sold

Dob: 4-3-18

Purebred-Registration MF27259

Sire: Jackaroo Ladd

Dam: 4 Skors Darlene