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Bar J Nell 2M26 8U6

Bar J Nell 2M26 8U6 2014

This cow is to be offer at auction at Emmitt, Idaho September 23, 2017 in the NW Spectacular Sale. She has produced us some nice calves, but she is just old enough that she needs more care than our desert operation can offer. She still has lots of good years left in her and she would make a great donor cow.

Bar J Nell 2M26-8U6 FF 7676

DOB 03/18/08 BW: 49 HT: 46 WT: 986

Sire: Colombo Park Zeffirelli AULM5382
Dam: Bar J Nell 7G2-2M 26 FF62

2009 National Champion


Bar J Nell 2M26 8U6 2015

Bar J Nell is a 2009 National Champion. She is a beautiful cow who has nice calves.

Birth Weight: 49 Lbs
Mature Weight 1050 Lbs
Height: 46 Inches

Sire: Colombo Park Zefirelli