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Y4 Ranch Lowlines

  Raising Quality American Aberdeen Cattle

Dolly Pardon

Dolly Pardon & Freckles Peila

Dolly Pardon

DOB: 6-8-2013

Registered Jersey

Dolly, Windrush, Hamilton & Freckles

Dolly Pardon is what is called a one shotter. She has some age on her and her utter floor has broken down. She was really thin and chances are she would never breed back due to her condition. She was giving around 50 lbs. of milk a day when we bought her.

When the calves were smaller she proved our house with milk, butter, cottage cheese and farmer cheese, provided milk for her two calves and the neighbors two small calves. The calves grew and were able to take all her milk. Then one day I saw her bulling, a few days later I noticed she was gain weight pretty rapidly. Then she started giving two and 1/2 gallons more than her calves could nurse.

So Dolly welcomed Freckles Peila into her brood.