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EZ Biskit.

EZ Biskit & Philsbury

EZ Biskit

EZ Biskit 44B FF 26119

DOB: 11/12/14

Sire: Bonanza's Boxcar 3Y FM 15218

Dam: CJN Meadowlark 121 FF 17483


EZ Biskit

Birth Weight: 42 Lbs.
Weaning Weight: 323 Lbs.
Yearling Weight: 490 Lbs.
Two Year Old Wt. 762 lbs.
Three Year Old Wt. 831
Height: 45
Weight 1175

Biskit is a sweet well balanced young cow, which looks much like her dam, Meadowlark. She is a big framed  cow. Her pedigree is load with Champions. Biskit raised the prettiest heifer in 2020.  

Sire: Bonanza's Boxcar

Dam: CJN Meadowlark.