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Jackaroo Ladd

Jackaroo Ladd-Fall 2017

Jackaroo Ladd

Jackaroo Ladd Dob: 10-01-2012
Registration: FM 24495
Sire: Yarra Ranges Jackaroo
Dam: 2L Elliebelle

Jackaroo Ladd

Jackaroo Ladd is a well squared away bull. He has great depth, length and balance. We are looking forward to seeing his first calves.

Estimated Birth Weight: 50 Lbs.
Estimated Weaning Weight: 345 lbs.
Estimated Yearling Weight: 650 lbs
Note: Estimates are derived from a sibling which we raised. No production records were kept on this bull.
Mature Height: 45 inches
Mature Weight: 1255 lbs.
Scrotal Circumference 39.5

Sire: Yarra Ranges Jackaroo