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Y4 Ranch Lowlines

  Raising Quality American Aberdeen Cattle



Dob: 9-11-2014

Lemon 2020

Lemon 2020

The Story of Lemon

We sold your wonderful cow Dolly because she was open.

Then we bought Friendly, a wonderful milk cow and Mom to Freida our Jersey calf, the bulls got her down and broke her back and we had to put her down.

Then we bought Lilly, we only had her one day as she had full blown mastitius upon arrival and she hated Freida our Jersey calf. So we asked for a replacement.

We call her Lemon, her one and only good quality is she loves Freida. She kicks, she hates the milking machine and being milked my hand. She is not gentle, she won't eat grain. She was born on September 11 which should have been a clue!