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Y4 Ranch Lowlines

  Raising Quality American Aberdeen Cattle

Lowline Angus as Heifer Bulls 

I think back to the years when I raised commercial cattle, what I would have given for a great heifer bull. How many different types of bulls did we try, to many to count. I think the last heifer bull trial, was Corentee bulls. Low birth weight, low heifer stress, high breed back rate and spotted calves that know body wanted, they were of poor conformation, weighed 150 less at weaning, and took longer to finish. We ate enough of them to know they do not marble well and most of the meat was dry and tough as hell. To top it all off they would crawl and jump over any and all fences. The neighbors just loved it when they had spotted calves and we felt the same way when our older cows were the subject of their wonder lust. Branding time was a mess, we were not used to dehorning calves and several calves were missed, thus driving the price per pound down further. They were wild, hard to handle and could out run most of my horses.

What, I would have given back then for a Lowline bull. Low birth weight, high rate of gain, less stress on my heifers, high breed back rate, great conformation on my calves, 100 pounds less at weaning, the buyers would still like them, black hide, my neighbors would still like me. I would get more per pound on the lighter cattle. I would have a bull that would last for several years as a heifer bull, as he would never out grow my heifers. I wouldn't end up with low performance bulls rotated into the main herd every year. I would have more choice when purchasing bulls for my herd and for my heifers. When, I did keep a beef, it would be well marbled, tender and tasty."

If I were to keep a replacement heifer, I would have a great moderate size cow. That cow would consume less feed and produce calves that fit with the others at weaning. The cow and her calf would have a marker expression in conformation as she would be from a linage of great conformation show cattle.

The cow would be docile and easy to handle. I would save money on fencing , equipment and repairs. Now, that is a winner!

by Missy Ousley