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Y4 Ranch Lowlines

  Raising Quality American Aberdeen Cattle

May 11, 2018

Here I sit this morning deep in thought and wonder. My thoughts wander off to a missing heifer. I wonder just what could have happened to her, but in my heart I know what happened. She is not in the field. We have called all of our neighbors. We have posted ads on Facebook, called all the sale yards and branding inspector. There are no birds of prey flying in the area. No big cat tracks coming into the water holes.

Every year I endure the same thoughts as every year one of our big calves goes missing, never to be found or seen again. I go through the same mental process every year. I ask myself the same questions. Am I checking cows often enough. Are the fences good enough? The cattle are branded, tattooed and have ear tags. I check cattle periodically, not on the same days of the week. I don’t have a set pattern. What can I do differently?

I reflect back, trying to figure out what I could have possibly done to anyone to deserve one of my cattle being taken. I do my best to treat people fairly and with honesty. I can’t not think of anyone who I have done wrong or would have a vendetta against me.

My thoughts turn to my neighbors. Is there someone who is hungry or in need for their families. I can’t think of anyone who is that needy. My mind runs through their personalities, weighing the good and the bad of each and every one.

My reasoning tells me that it is one of my neighbors but which one I don’t know. It has to be someone who can see when we are coming and going.

My thoughts turn and I wonder just what kind of person steals cattle. How were they raised? What happened to that person that made them turn to stealing? Did someone steal from them? Are they having a hard time in life and are hungry? If they are hungry, I have donated unwilling to their household three years in a row. I am not heartless, If they would ask I would give them meat.

All my thoughts seem to turn to anger. I know I don’t want to live in anger. I don’t want my cattle stolen anymore. In my anger I dream of posting a big sign on the gates to the pastures, which reads please get your free meat at the Senior Center instead of my pastures. I think I have donated enough to you.

LFL Bee Bee Missing.