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Y4 Ranch Lowlines

  Raising Quality American Aberdeen Cattle

Our Views

We at Y4 Ranch are privileged to raise cattle which truly represent the original Aberdeen Angus.

While the Angus of yester-year have been bastardized into modified giants, with out DNA or blood typing to keep the lineage pure. Our herd of Angus cattle has been kept pure and verified with DNA and blood typing.

Our cattle mirror the original Aberdeen Angus. They are structurally correct and sound, with heavy muscling, eye appeal and calving ease. Our cattle have a high rate of growth and are highly efficient feed converters.

We don't believe EPDs alone make a great cow. We can offer you relevant data on back fat, length of loin and thickness of loin on our cattle, which can help you determine carcass value.

We believe cattle which are not structurally sound, incorrect in stature, have large birth weights, and have no eye appeal no not belong in our herd.

We are not out to change this great breed with the bigger is better attitude. We believe we can improve our commercial herd and yours by using this original breed of angus to produce a moderate size and more efficient cow for today's beef market .

We are not out to change our Lowline Angus seed stock into the Aberdeen Angus of today. We will not use EPDs and ultrasound measurements to totally determine the worth of our cattle.

Our goal is to raise Lowline Angus seed stock which have a balance of conformation, correctness and eye appeal. Sound udders, milk production, and reproductive soundness are very important factors in our choice in cattle


We see a great many cattle being shown, which show balance and conformation as a calf, yearling or two year old. A great deal of these cattle loose these great qualities once they are adults. Our goal is to have cattle which are also balance and have eye appeal as adults.

The other point I would like to make, is in regards to bulls. You can have EPDs and ultra sound scores to help make informative decisions but as the old folks say, " The proof is in the pudding" You can have the best looking bull, win NWSS with him. What the bull consistently produces measures the worth of the animal. How many times have you seen everyone rush out and purchase semen on the latest winner. You later see his progeny and they are not show worthy or seed stock worthy. Oh, but he is a great bull because his sire won the NWSS. People without the knowledge to know the difference then will take a chance on this ugly critter in hopes of producing what? Of course another pretty bull like NWSS winner who can't even reproduce his own worth.

By: Missy Ousley