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Y4 Ranch Lowlines

  Raising Quality American Aberdeen Cattle

WHCH Peewee

WHCH Peewee 2020

Y4 Ms Harney Gold & Y4 Harney's Gold Nugget, Peewee's 2015 Heifer and her calf

WHCH PEEWEE 975 (1CA P 342788)

Chiangus DOB 02/22/2009

Sire: Moore Beef (AN15513400)

Dam: WHCH MS MT 670L DSGN (2CA P 38151

WHCH Peewee

Peewee is possible the ugliest cow in the world, but she has the most beautiful heifers I have ever seen. Her calves are very show worthy and great producers.

She is out of the famous Angus bull Moore Beef owned by Jake Scott. 

Peewee has made a legacy for Y4 Ranch. Her calves are so special. For years she only had heifers, and we were smart enough to build our herd with them. Then came along her first bull calf. He won the NILE in to different breeds. Now, Eldorado is proving his worth as a heifer bull and his owners love his calves.

Birth Weight: 40 Lbs.

Weaning Weight: 478 Lbs.

Yearling Weight: 750 Lbs.

Mature Weight: 866 lbs.

Height: 46.5

Y4 Heart's Promise Peewee's 2016 Heifer Calf