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Y4 Ranch Lowlines

  Raising Quality American Aberdeen Cattle

Y4 Isabelle's Magic

Y4 Isabelle's Magic Summer 2017

Y4 Isabelle's Magic

Y4 Isabelle's Magic FF28685


Sire: Hollywood Gus

Dam: CF Isabelle

Birth Weight: 49 Lbs.

Weaning Weight: 293 Lbs.

Yearling Weight: 428 Lbs.

2 Year Old Wt. 550

Height: 41 Inches

Y4 Isabelle's Magic 2018

Issy is a nice fast growing heifer out of our foundation cow CF Isabelle and our young bull Hollywood Gus. She is thickly made and straight backed.

Sire: Hollywood Gus.

Dam: CF Isabelle