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Y4 Ranch Lowlines

  Raising Quality American Aberdeen Cattle

Y4 Ranch Market Information

Y4 ranch raises seed stock. We offer quality Fullbloods, Purebloods and Percentage cattle. We also offer starter packages, semen, and embryos.

We started out with the idea that we would offer bred yearling heifers and yearling bulls. As demand would have it, we sell most of our heifers and bulls as weaner calves.

We take pride in our cattle. We try to halter break all of our weaned cattle. We understand the need for a gentle, easy to manage animal. Many folks simply run a few cows, They don't have the facilities to A.I. or embryo transplant. And they don't have the facilities and fencing to maintain an unruly bull or cow.

They need a gentle bull which is easy to handle and that they can trust around small children. Bulls which are mean, scared or unruly don't belong in our herd or yours. Any bull exhibiting these traits will be culled, sold for beef or the local auction. We do not sell bulls which exhibit high birth weights.

We cull our cattle closely. We have physical correct structured and balanced cattle.